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      Locke Enterprises was founded by Nathan Locke in Paso Robles, California. Since 1999, we have provided quality technology services to companies local to San Luis Obispo county on the Central Coast of California.

      Recently, we have leveraged referrals from many satisfied customers and have also begun serving clients in several other states including Utah, Nevada, Illinios, and New York. Because of the wonders of modern communication and transportation, we are able to either work remotely for your company, or travel to meet with you as occasion requires.

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Email:    Please use our online form. Support Line:  Existing customers may call (805) 712-2887

Please click here for information regarding the fees charged for our professional services. Our fees are generally on a project basis except for our support class of services. For your convenience, when you call us to discuss your project, we will offer an initial 'ballpark' verbal estimate. Once we arrange and conduct an in-office meeting, we always offer a quote in writing as part of a complete proposal.

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